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Rally in the Vegas Valley - Summer 2016

The summer 2016 Rally in the Vegas Valley was held on August 27 and 28 at Goodtimez Billiards. Over $22,000 was awarded to players for their excellent skills in 8-ball and 9-ball.

player awards

Congratulations to all of the teams and players.  Congratulations to David Quintana and Zeke DeRose for winning the 9-ball and 8-ball break and break and run drawings respectively.  Also to Maceo Cheek for winning the McDermott NG05 jump/break raffle and to Trini for winning the bottle of Cannella Cordial donated by Cannella Hand Crafted Spirits.McDermott cues are donated by Chappell Billiards, your authorized McDermott dealer.

Each session, the top teams qualify for the Vegas Masters Team State Championship and we draw a wild card team at the Rally who will also be given the opportunity to compete.  Wild Card Teams are as follows:

Cuetec - Sands of Time
Grand Slam - 9-Ball - Magic Q's
Falcon Division - Rock Out
Diamond Division - Shark Bait
McDermott Division - Jerry's Kids aka Hitchin' Post Hustlers
Meucci Division - Str8 Shooters
Grand Slam 8-Ball - Magic Q's
Viking Division - Faded 8's

Christina Jeff and Bobby Butler

A special thanks goes to Gary, Dale and the entire staff at Goodtimez Billiards for their contribution to the tournament and hospitality.

Congratulations to those placing in the tournaments as follows:

8-Ball Skill Bracket 2/3
good job

Mike Folkerson - 1st Place undefeated
Alex Shimazu - 2nd Place
Buzzy - 3rd Place
Jenna - 4th Place

8-Ball Skill Bracket 4/5
good job

Channing Thompson - 1st Place
Anne Carmona - 2nd Place
Troy Jones - 3rd Place
Jaime Noriega - 4th Place

8-Ball - Skill Level 6/7
good job

Joe Wortham undefeated split 1st place with Ed Smith

9-Ball - Skill Level 5-7
good job

Bobby Butler - 1st Place
Christina Jeff - 2nd Place

9-Ball - SKill Level 2-4
good job

Donna Schwitters - 1st Place
AC Contreras - 2nd Place
3rd Place - Nonie Perlas

2016 Vegas Masters Tournament Series

The 8-ball and 9-ball Vegas Masters State Championship team tournaments were held in July and August, 2016. Click here to read more and see the results.

TAP On for Charity Ladies Day

lady pool players

Ladies Day was held on Saturday, June 11 at Putters on Rainbow. Through the generosity of those who participated and others, we raised $580 and approximately $1,000 in needed items for The Shade Tree!

Sydney Reyes of The Shade Tree was on hand to inform the group of all the great things they do for our community. They provide shelter and so much more for women and their children and pets.

Congratulations to the following ladies who placed in the tournament:

good job

Connie Foschi in 1st Place
Rach Mccormack in 2nd Place
Candice VanVolkinburg in 3rd Place
Cindy Datwyler in 4th Place
Marilyn Kamealoha and Sharon Gottschalk in 5th/6th Place

A very special thanks to all who donated to include Joe Cannella of Cannella's Spirits, Jim Carmona, Janaya Mallow and Putters, Scott's Speedy Tees, Chappell Billiards, Elle Reid, Donna Schwitters and the many others who donated items for the charity and raffle!

Facebook Photo Album | Shade Tree Donation

Vegas Masters Singles State Championship

2016 Spring Rally in the Vegas Valley

Trini first place

It was a fun packed pool weekend at Good Timez Billiards! Our spring session players were awarded over $24,000 for their excellence! We had 65 tournament entries with just over $1,500 awarded to these players in 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments.  See the results below.

Congratulations to all of the winning teams and players who placed at the top of their brackets! These players and teams will have the opportunity to compete in our annual Vegas Masters tournament series!

This is the second session awarding custom designed TAP shirts from Scott's Speedy Tees for those who prefer shirts instead of trophies!  They were a big hit.  Click on the picture to the right to see the design.

Everyone is a winner in TAP with every team receiving cash! We awarded two McDermott jump break cues in the 8-ball break, 9-ball break and break and run drawing!  Shawn Foret won the Saturday 9-ball draw and Reese Romney won the Sunday 8-ball draw.

The grand prize from the raffle went to Glen Ivy who won a McDermott NGO6 that included a G-Core shaft, Stinger shaft and jump butt from Chappell Billiards! Donna Schwitters and Maceo Cheek each won a bottle of Cannella Cinnamon Cordial! Other prizes included TAP shirts and hand made photo albums and frames.

A very special thanks to Gary, Dale and the entire staff at Good Timez Billiards for their contribution to the weekend!

Click here to see all the photos

8-Ball - Skill Level 2/3

good job

1st Place - Maceo Cheek
2nd Place - Laila Landers
3rd Place - Robert Giambo

8-Ball - Skill Level 4/5

good job1st Place - Lino Garcia
2nd Place - Lloyd Gagnon
3rd Place - AC Contreras
4th Place - Jimbo Harper

good job

8-Ball - Skill Level 6/7

Joe Cannella & Greg Kuhl split 1st Place

9-Ball - Skill Level 2-4

good job

1st Place - Bruce Petrie
2nd Place - Dawn Holland-Williams
3rd Place - Manoli Smith
4th Place - Glen Ivy
5th/6th Place - Cindy Datwyler & Sandra Jones

good job

9-Ball - Skill Level 5-7

1st Place - Wes Hughes
2nd Place - Shawn Foret

Click here to see the pics on Facebook!

Doc Hill Entry Tournament

Jeremy Head Lloyd Gagnon

Congratulations to Lloyd Gagnon for going undefeated and to Jeremy Head for making it to the top of the 1 loss side in the Doc Hill Entry 9-Ball Tournament at Good Timez Billiards on February 21, 2016.

Both players were awarded cash and paid entries into the legendary Doc Hill tournament to be held on March 11, 12 & 13 at the Rum Runner! Congratulations also to Shawn Foret for winning 3rd Place, to Buggs Grillett for winning 4th place and to Joe Wortham and Rob Hately for winning 5th and 6th place!

All in all, we awarded over $600 to some great shooters and had a fabulous day at the pool hall!  A special thanks to the staff at Good Timez for taking care of us today!

Click here to see a few more photos on Facebook.

pool league awards

Welcome to 2016 as we enter into our 10th year with TAP Las Vegas!! Of course, we would like to thank all of our players for being such an important part of the success, growth and great times! In looking back to 2015, we are happy to announce that we awarded over $80,000 to our members for their excellence in billiards. We provided 45 fun packed weeks of league, hosted the Vegas Masters tournament series and had over 30 players travel to Nashville to compete! We hosted several charity tournaments and donated approximately $3,000 in cash and needed items thanks to the generosity of the Las Vegas pool playing community! It was a great year and we are looking forward to another great year in 2016! Thanks Vegas players for your support and participation in the league!

Jeff & Cindy

Call 702-558-7665 to learn how you can earn $150 by forming and registering a new 9-ball team for Tuesdays at Good Timez!!!

Fall Rally in the Vegas Valley

Teams and players were awarded just over $24,000 for the fall 2015 session at the Rally in the Vegas Valley! Congratulations to all of the winning players at the Rally tournaments where just over $1,700 was awarded! We had an almost record of 91 entries!! It was a fun packed weekend at Mickey's, January 2 and 3.

Break & Run, 8 & 9-Ball Break raffle winner: Greg Kuhl received the McDermott Stinger Jump/Break Cue

Open raffle winner of the McDermott Stinger Jump/Break Cue:  John Benoit

Winners of the team wild card draw for the Vegas Masters State Championship tournament (note: we neglected to complete this draw at the party. Actual draw was held during league play at Mickey's on January 13):

Monday Falcon: Deep Pockets
Monday Diamond Division: Shark Bait
Tuesday Cuetec & Good Timez - all teams qualified due to either placing or being grandfathered in from summer 2015
Wednesday McDermott: SCA Strokers
Thursday Meucci: H8LY's Heroes
Friday Grand Slam 8-Ball: Magic Q's
Friday Grand Slam 9-Ball: Usual Suspects
Friday Viking: Rack 'em Up

8-Ball 2/3 Bracket
good job playing pool

1st Place - Bill Paolella

2nd Place - Stan Kato

3rd Place - Donna Schwitters

4th Place - Joe Cave

good job playing pool
8-Ball 4/5 Bracket

1st Place - Joe Wortham

2nd Place - John Steiner

3rd Place - Grover Gray

4th Place - Arvin Omolon

5th/6th Place - Chris Herrera

winning pool playersgood job playing pool
6/7 Bracket - Paul Juarez and Mike Hutcheson, split 1st Place
9-Ball 2-4 Bracket

1st Place - Charles Martin

2nd Place - Darrell Jeff

3rd Place - Robert Mercer

4th Place - Lydia Change

5th/6th Place - Joe Wortham and Grover Gray

9-Ball 5-7 Bracket

Mike Hutcheson, Jim Carmona and Shawn Foret split the winnings.

Click here to see all of the photos!

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