Scott Moden
Scott Moden

Scott Moden and his wife, Tina, joined TAP Las Vegas in January 2011. Scott was made a member of the Advisory Board in spring 2015. You'll find Scott and Tina playing in-house at Mickey's Cues & Brews on Mondays and Goodtimez Billiards on Tuesdays.

These two are very active members of our TAP On for Charity committee. They participate and assist at most, if not all, of the TAP tournaments. Scott is also one of our best and most dedicated referees at TAP Las Vegas tournaments.

Scott is a skilled player, very versed in the TAP rules and continually exhibits integrity and good sportsmanship in weekly league and tournaments. We are very happy to have him as a member of TAP Las Vegas and the Advisory Board!

Contact us by phone at 702-558-7665 or send us an email.

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