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The next Rally in the Vegas Valley will take place August 29 & 30 at Pool Sharks. TAP players from all over the Vegas Valley will gather to receive their cash, trophy and patch awards and play in one or more of our many skill based tournaments with up to $300 cash added.

The Rally also features the drawing for the McDermott Jump/Break cue donated by Chappell Billiards, a McDermott cue raffle and team wild card draw!  Pool Sharks will have gamblers' specials for the entire day!

On line registration has closed.  There are spaces for additional players in all brackets on the charts.  Same day registration is $20.00.  See you at Pool Sharks!

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8-Ball Skill Bracket 2/3 - Starts at approximately 1 PM on Sunday, August 30
8-Ball Skill Bracket 4/5 - Starts at 10:00 AM on Sunday, August 30
8-Ball Skill Bracket 6/7 - Starts at approximately 4:00 PM on Sunday, August 30
McDermott pool cue

Players participating must be current and active, with a minimum of 6 matches played during the summer session in the game they wish to compete in.  Although not anticipated, brackets are subject to being combined based on participation. There are NO green fees or admin fees removed from the registration fees. $1.00 per entry will be donated to the players' National fund.

Vegas Masters 8-Ball Team State Championship Read More:

NationalsSaturday/Sunday, July 18 & 19 - Round Robin (all teams play on either Saturday or Sunday)

Saturday, August 8 - Championship and Best of the Rest Boards (all teams play on this day)

Sunday, August 9 - Championship and Best of the Rest Semi-Final and Final Matches

Weekly 8-ball tournament at the Gin Mill

Vegas Masters - The Short Version

Our Vegas Masters State Championship tournaments have been a team favorite since 2007. This is the State Championship tournament that takes you places! Teams earn their place in these 8-ball and 9-ball tournaments. About 200 players look forward to and mark their calendars, taking time off from work and their busy schedules to compete in these annual events. Winning teams from each tournament are crowned Nevada State Champions and are given the opportunity to take their skills forward and compete at Nationals.

Vegas Masters MVP Tournament Series - 8-Ball & 9-Ball

To award and encourage excellence, TAP Las Vegas hosts the Annual Vegas Masters State Championship MVP Tournament Series for both 8-ball and 9-ball every spring. Winning players from these tournaments win a travel package and advance to compete at Nationals! Click here to read more.

Nationals - The Short Version

Our National pool tournaments are held in a different city every year every fall, giving teams and players the opportunity to vacation and play pool in some great destinations. We've been to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Orlando, Florida; Louisville, Kentucky; New Orleans, Louisiana and right here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Doc Hill 9-ball tournament

Doc Hill 9-Ball Tournament

The Annual Doc Hill 9-Ball tournament is held every March. Local players can join TAP Las Vegas to qualify by shooting a minimum of "70% of a season within 12 months of the Doc Hill." See the Rum Runner web site for official details.

Weekly TAP Tournaments

(click on the bar name for contact info and maps/directions)

Gin Mill - Every Saturday @ 8:00 PM - Free Entry, $130 in prize money! $20 to the lady who places first and $10 to the lady who places 2nd. Other special incentives offered for participation and placing, free poker tournament every other Saturday, great food, darts and electronic video games.

We advertise all of our host location tournaments. If you have a tournament to advertise, click here to send me an e-mail with all of the information to be posted.

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